Employees Access lets you build the job roles at your restaurant and assign each role permissions. After you add employees, you assign specific employees to jobs. The employees inherit the permissions for the jobs you assign. You can override the permissions for an employee if you need to.

When you add an employee, you assign that employee to one of the jobs you created. When you add an employee they will receive an email to set their password up in the system.

Make sure when adding a new employee they are aware they will receive an email and they will need to set their password within 24 hours.

How To Add an Employee and Their Role Permissions:

  1. Log in to app.tableneeds.com

  2. Go to "Employee Access" tab

  3. Click the "Add an Employee" button

  4. Add the employees name, email, phone number, and pin (optional) and click "Add Employee"

  5. Once the employee is added, assign them role(s) by selecting the plus sign. Employees can have more than one permission.

Roles and Permissions

• Admin – Ability to give permissions and change settings in app.tableneeds.net (not directly linked to any functionality in the POS)
• Manager – Access to all functionality in the POS, including the ability to apply discounts, comp items and tickets and mark items as sold out or remove item temporarily as disabled.
• Server - Access to all functionality on the Orders & Requests tab, except for discounts, comps, voids and refunds, and the ability to reassign tables between servers.
• Kitchen - Access to all functionality on the Kitchen Display tab.
• Host - Access to all functionality on the Host tab..
• Discounts - Ability to apply discounts, comp and voids, but not refunds

**Note - If you change an employees email the system (for security reasons) is going to reset their user roles, pin, and password. The system will automatically send the user a password reset link but you will have to manually add their roles and pin back into the system.

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